Celebrating a Century of Life!

         Posted on August 21, 2023 under News

Celebrating a Century of Life!

We are sad to report the passing away of Betty Anne Friedericks, a remarkable individual who touched the lives of countless people during a life that spanned an incredible 100 years! She died peacefully in her sleep in the early morning of August 16.
Betty and her husband Dr Carl Friedericks were not only witnesses to UMN history but pioneers in their own right. Carl and Betty along with Bob and Bethel Fleming, established UMN in 1954. They also played a major role in setting up the United Mission Hospital Tansen, and served there until 1986, when they retired. Dr Carl passed away in July 2015.

Betty Anne turned 100 in January and had a blessed celebration with the Friedericks family. UMN and Tansen Hospital were a major part of their missionary work, and it meant a lot to them. We are thankful to God for their blessed lives, dedication, and passion – leaving behind an inspirational legacy. 

Our special prayers and thoughts are with the Friedericks family as they remember Betty Didi, an amazing lady.

Dr Carl and Betty Anne Friedericks at the 50th anniversary celebration of Tansen Hospital in 2004.

This was Carl and Betty’s last visit to Nepal in 2013. Photo taken during UMN’s staff celebration with Dr Mark Galpin, former Executive Director of UMN.

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