Preparing for the unpredictable

         Posted on September 4, 2023 under News

Preparing for the unpredictable

With the aim of reducing the risks, vulnerability, and impact of disasters at schools, three days of school-level Disaster Risk Management training was held in the last week of August. Organised by Harpur Secondary School in Palhinandan  Rural Municipality, with support from UMN and its local partner, the training not only enhanced the preparedness of teachers and students but also extended its benefits to ward representatives, school management committees, parent teacher association, and community members to reduce the impact of future disasters. The hope is that the knowledge gained by the trained students and teachers - 27 participants - will be shared with their peers and families, making it common knowledge within the community, and enabling them to better prepare for disasters.

The training facilitated by UMN’s Disaster Risk Manager concluded with participants developing a one-year school disaster risk management plan which incorporated preparedness, awareness, capacity building, response, recovery, and rehabilitation activities based on the identified risks, vulnerabilities, and capacities. The plan was endorsed by the school management committee as well, and it was decided that the plan would be incorporated into the school improvement plan in the days to come.

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