Dhading – key achievements

UMN’s Dhading Cluster worked for 15 years in community transformation, from 2005 until June 2020.
We are very thankful to our long-standing partners and the support we have received from everyone in this enriching journey of learning, sharing and building each other. From the many projects and their success, here are a few achievements that we want to list out. Closing of a cluster however does not mean the community stops dreaming, achieving and changing. There are many partners who are now strong and independent of UMN, who will carry on the good work.
Self-reliant groups (SRGs) - The SRGs in communities of Dhading have truly succeeded in positively influencing, helping and building each other. This has particularly been true for many women who gain social recognition, acceptance and support when they are a member of the group. Through SRGs individuals have been able to save and also access loans from cooperatives for livelihood options, children’s education and other needs.
Mental Health - Dhading Cluster worked for five years in various communities to address the wrong concepts of mental health issues and stigma attached to it. After many years of counselling, teaching and lobbying with local government bodies, we have finally seen changes. The local government now has a yearly budget allocated for mental health, psychosocial groups have been formed, local health facilities offer basic mental health services, awareness level has increased in the community and of course we have many lives who have overcome mental illness and been healed. 
Integral Development - Another strong transformation Dhading Cluster has witnessed is in the Integral Development work in local churches. Earlier, the churches did not understand and stayed away from development work in their communities;  did not understand the dynamics of government funds and local politics, thus didn’t see possibilities of how mutual cooperation could benefit both parties. Today we see churches take initiatives towards community development work, tap funds from the government for community needs and join hands with other local groups on common issues. A local faith-based NGO called Dhading Christian Society (DCS) was formed which has become an umbrella organisation of all the local churches of the district.
Dhading Disaster Response Programme (DDRP) – Ended March 2021
Following the 2015 major earthquake, UMN’s DDRP began its restoration and reconstruction work through 10 different projects in Northern and Southern Dhading. Among DDRP’s many achievements, some of them include training masons on earthquake-resistant building, constructing new classrooms, repairing foot trails and community water supply construction schemes providing access to safe drinking water for many households. 
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