Nepal Magar Society Service And Information Center (MIC NEPAL)

Rukum | Province 5

Nepal Magar Society Service And Information Center (MIC NEPAL)

History and Key Successes of the Organisation

A Brief History of the Organisation

Nepal Magar Society Service and Information Centre (MIC Nepal) is a Non-Governmental Organisation, which was established with a vision for an “equitable, empowered and self-reliant society”. MIC Nepal decided to concentrate on developing education and sustainable livelihoods in the area. MIC strongly believe in community participation, the empowerment of women and local resources as key factors in mobilising Society to change.

This organisation was founded and registered at the District Administration Office in 2003 and became affiliated with the Social Welfare Council in the same year. The seven board members have been governing the organisation smoothly. In 2003 the Maoist movement also started and MIC was not allowed to run its office and carry out its work. The organisation was also looking for some additional support and training from outside, which it received when UMN started to work in Rukum. MIC were selected as partners and have received on-going organisational capacity building from UMN.

   Key Successes and Achievements of the Organisation:
  • Teaching in Magar Kham Language (grade 1-3) in eight schools in Kankri VDC, where there has been an increase in the learning achievement to 40% from 37%, an improvement in the drop-out rate, attendance rate and the personal hygiene of students;
  • Fifteen hundred apple nursery plants were given to twenty three farmers and seventy HHs benefited from water resource conservation in Ranci;
  • Good relationships with district level stakeholders, target groups, beneficiaries and donor agencies;
  • MIC have maintained transparency and accountability through various measures like internal, external and social audits;
  • MIC Nepal is a well organised and structured organisation.

Organisational Strategic Information

DAO Reg. No.  66/2060
SWC Affiliation No.  15830/2060
PAN No.  301726203
VAT No.  301726203

To create an equitable, empowered and self-reliant society.


To support the development of a self-reliant society through the empowerment and capacity building of the target community, by increased access to services and resources which promote the socio-economic and educational status


To improve the socio-economic and educational status of the target community.

  • To promote the local Kham Magar language and culture by conducting formal and non-formal education programmes;
  • To conduct different programmes on local Kham language, establish and manage community information centres and increase access to rural information and communication;
  • To conduct agriculture-forest based income generation activities;
  • To conduct forest management and alternative energy promotion programmes to protect the environment;
  • To conduct advocacy and awareness programmes against all types of social discrimination.
Core Values

Democratic system; Good Governance; Ownership; Creative; Transparency; Economise; Integrity.

Geographic Areas Covered

Bhume, Putha Uttarganga and Sisne Rural Municipalities.

Target Beneficiaries

Dalit; Janajati; Women and Children; poor and marginalised people.

Thematic Focus

Education and Sustainable Livelihoods.

Networks and Affiliations

Member and Staff Diversity

Current Partnership/Donors (maximum of three)

Phased Out Projects (maximum of three)

Organisational Growth

Contact Details

Khalanga, Musikot, Rukum


Bhiuman Gharti, Chairperson
Abinash Budha Magar, Executive Director

Last Updated: September 2019

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