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Nepal Public Awakening Forum (NPAF)

History and Key Successes of the Organisation

A Brief History of the Organisation

When the young people of Khalanga had their first informal gathering, one of the things they discussed was starting a Non-Governmental Organisation to address the social problems they were facing, such as poverty, untouchability, discrimination and unemployment. Each member was able to register with the District Administration Office in 2063 BS. As an NGO it had to fulfil several legal requirements and needed to have an office room in an accessible location. The founding members, although inexperienced, got involved in setting up an office and fulfilling all the necessary legal requirements.

At this time UMN started to work in Rukum and NPAF was selected as a partner organisation. The first event was a training on how to assess the organisation’s capacity by themselves. An action plan was developed to address the identified gaps and implement it with UMN’s support. Today this organisation has reached the maturity stage and has established several good governance practices in its overall running.

   Key Successes and Achievements of the Organisation:
  • Pokhara, one of NPAF’s working areas, has announced itself to be a 100% Co-operative affiliated VDC, which is the first one all over the Rapti Zone;
  • A counselling desk has been established in Khara, Rugha and Bhalakcha health posts for people with mental illness;
  • One hundred and eighty-two people with mental illness in Rukum received support and treatment;
  • A first time birthing centre was established in Taksera;
  • NPAF has established excellent relationships and trust with its stakeholders, demonstrating transparency and accountability measures (i.e. social audit, internal audit, project monitoring and evaluation, sharing of plans and budgets including reports on a regular basis).

Organisational Strategic Information

DAO Reg. No.  103/2062/063
SWC Affiliation No.  21261/2064
PAN No.  302199237

To create an inclusive and equitable society.


To provide support for target communities so they can bring positive changes to their living standards through the empowerment of women, advocacy, mobilising local resources and income generation.


To improve the health and livelihoods status of target communities through empowerment and increased access to health, sanitation, education and income generation.

  • To increase target community’s access to health, sanitation, drinking water and alternative energies;
  • To promote agricultural and non- agricultural income generating activities;
  • To increase poor and marginalised people’s access to public services and resources;
  • To ensure the rights of women, children, disabled and poor and marginalised people.
Core Values

Accountability; Integrity; Equity and Social Justice; Transparency.

Geographic Areas Covered

Aathbiskot, Musikot and Chaurjahari Municipalities, Putha Uttarganga, Bafikot, Triveni, Saniveri and Sisne Rural Municipalities.

Target Beneficiaries

Woman, Children, Dalit, Janajati, poor and marginalised.

Thematic Focus

Health, Environment/Climate change, Informal Education/Awareness, Food Security.

Networks and Affiliations

Member and Staff Diversity

Current Partnership/Donors (maximum of three)

Phased Out Projects (maximum of three)

Organisational Growth

Contact Details

Salle, Musikot, Rukum

Shambhu B.C., Chairperson

Ramesh Khadka, Secretary
Tek Bahadur Kusari, Programme Manager
9868603891, 9812868108

Last Updated: September 2019

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