Farewell for Jennie

A Beaming Jennie
A dove of peace is let free...
A glimpse of the crowd, with Mark and Jennie in front
Jennie plants her final tree in UMN
Jennie poses with the ED team
The Facilities team with Jennie
Jennie about to present Mark with the ED's Bible
Jennie enjoying the Marketing Team's tribute
Jennie sharing a hug with Laxmi
Jennie with ICT team's gift
Jennie and members of the Finance Team
Mark and Jennie waiting...
Mark Galpin speaks about Jennie and UMN
Jennie's last speech to her friends
Meanwhile, David and Christine are presumably discussing the future...
The Personnel Team defines Jennie...
List of UMN EDs
Mark and Jennie savour the challenge... and the moment

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