Christmas Celebration 2010

Welcome to our Christmas Celebration
Mark Galpin lit the Advent candles
Our team of highly skilled musicians led the singing
Great concentration! Liz Galpin manages a tricky bit
I know! Elseline earns a sweet in the Christmas Quiz
Everyone was part of our Christmas Story
Mary and Joseph take a rest after their long journey
What sound did Baby Jesus make...WAW!
The wise men worshipped Jesus and said WOW!
And the Angels all said Allelulia!
We heard the Chirstmas story in 9 different languages
Every child received a present
Even big kids!
Guessing which baby grew into which staff member.  Coud that REALLY be Alan Penn!!
Pinning the Cluster on the Map. Where is Mugu...
Lining up for the Marble and Spoon race.  Mark shows fierce determination
What do you use these things for...Sustainable Livelihoods objects are a mystery
Throwing darts was an odd activity for the Peacebuilding Team
Anjana is a movie star! Lots of people recorded Christmas greetings in their own first language.
Guessing many coins in the jar. Alan Penn got very close.  Just as well, he is the Funding Management Co-ordinator!
Pelting a pin pong ball into the toilet pan is not easy.  Ram Kumar shows his style.
And some of us got to take balloons home!

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