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Ella Dick’s husband Alan thoroughly enjoyed his first visit to Okhaldhunga. He helped distribute T-shirts to current patients in the hospital.
Sabitra’s baby boy was the youngest patient in the hospital on Jubilee Day. He was born at 8:10am on 14 March. Both mother and baby are doing well.
Something that the early pioneers of Okhaldhunga Hospital could never have imagined - an elderly gentleman overlooking the building site talks on his mobile phone.
Little Binita interrupts her play with blocks to receive her Jubilee T-shirt.
Ella Dick presents Banarat with his T-shirt. Banarat remembers her father, Dr  James Dick, from when he was a child at Okhaldhunga.
Dr Erik Bohler, Hospital Medical Director, stands where the new hospital entrance will be, beside a signboard showing the planned buildings.
Budda Maya suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and heart problems. She really needs to go to Kathmandu for a pacemaker operation. Okhaldhunga Hospital is helping arrange for her care.
Mark Galpin, Executive Director of UMN, and his wife Dr Liz Galpin, drink to the health of the hospital with a special mixture used to build up the strength of expectant mothers! Down the hatch!
No celebration in Nepal is complete without garlands of flowers. Here, hospital staff prepare the dozens of mallas (garlands) distributed during the ceremony.
Erick and Kristen Bohler, outside the Okhaldhunga church. Both church and hospital have been proclaiming that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, in word and deed, for the last 50 years.
More than 4000 current charity files bear witness to the desire of the hospital to treat anyone who needs help, whether they can afford it or not. Here, Kristen Böhler shows the oldest file, #1, which was opened in 2003.
Leylina is just 19, and is expecting her first baby. She’s staying in the Maternal Waiting Home until that happens. And she’s looking forward to being able to wear that new Okhaldhunga Jubilee T-shirt!
The first dispensary was called Shanti Sur, Cornerstone of Peace. A part of the engraved stone is still visible in the signboard at the old hospital entrance.
Hospital Director Tuk Harijan stands beside the last remaining buildings of the first hospital, completed in 1963.

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