Recharge pits to the rescue

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Recharge pits to the rescue

Bungal Municipality is facing lowering of groundwater levels as a result of recent changes in the local climate. To address this, 35 water recharge pits were dug in two locations, Wards 4 and 5 of Bungal Municipality, Bajhang. These 35 recharge pits were dug 20 metres above the groundwater sources to trap rainwater which then filters down to recharge underground aquifers. Such intentional recharge will restore groundwater levels and stored water can be used even during dry seasons. Recharging groundwater is one way of sustainably managing groundwater which allows improvement in groundwater levels. This system captures rainwater which would otherwise be lost as runoff, allowing it to percolate into the ground. A total of 200 households of two wards have now benefitted from the recharge pits as they use the water source for drinking, irrigation and for livestock. Similar pits are planned to be dug in two more locations before the Monsoon season.

We appreciate the initiative and hard work put into this project by our local partner Dalit Help Society and the Bajhang Cluster Team to bring about this local adaptation to climate change, within only a few months of the project’s start.

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